John R. Outten

John R. Outten, son of John and Sarah Baker  Outten, was born Sept. 23, 1824.  He was a ship  carpenter, and went to Wilmington with his brother Daniel to work in the shipyard; he  also attended Scott Church.  He married Margaret Cannon, an aunt to the wife of  Nicholas Outten, being a sister of her mother.  They were the parents of three children: Jennie, married George Stout, and has one son named Willard (they live at 934 Pine  Street, Wilmington);

George Outten was afflicted mentally and died in November 1912.

George left two children: Walter J. Outten married Josephine _________.  They  have one child named Dorothea, and live at 3302 Washington St. Wilmington; and Lilly  who married a man named Perteso.  They live at corner of Ralinson & Lowland Sts.  The  wife of George Outten lived about two years after he died.

John R. Outten, the father of  these children, was a ship carpenter, and sailor in his early life, but in his last days he  kept a little store.  He died in Wilmington in 1887, and was buried in Asbury Church  Yard.  After his death, his widow, Margaret, married an Irishman named Allen.  He was  an old man, and wore a fringe of whiskers about his face.  The marriage seemed amusing,  as they were both old, and hardly able to wait on each other.  Margaret died about 1910.

Written by Rev. John Perry Outten converted to Hypertext by Karen Stephens
This sketch was originally part of a lengthy sketch on John Outten’s brother, James Outten.