Nicholas Adam Outten

Capt. Nicholas Adam Outten, son of James and Mary Lingo  Outten, was born October 11, 1836.  He  married Anna M. Cannon, born November 7, 1842, and died January 28, 1925; she was  the niece to the wife of his uncle, John R. Outten, and her mother’s name was Sarah A.  Cannon.  They began housekeeping in Seaford, and were the parents of three children. Elmer Outten was born in Philadelphia, April 30, 1865.  His parents removed to Seaford,  where he attended the public school.  He matriculated at the Philadelphia College of  Pharmacy, and was graduated in March, 1887, after which he was employed in a drug  store.  In 1897, he began the drug business in Lewes, Delaware.  He erected a large store  building, and kept one of the largest department stores in Delaware, consisting of drugs,  stationary, hardware, wallpaper, paint, house goods, printing, carpets, house furnishings,  seeds, etc.  The second floor of the building was called the Outten Lyceum.  He belonged  to the Atlantic Lodge No. 15, I.O.O.F.; was a director in the Lewes National Bank; a  strong Democrat; a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and at one time  Superintendent of Sunday School.  He was married, while a resident of Lewes, to Miss  Orah Vaughan, daughter of James Edward Vaughan and Lettie Ann Atkins, his wife, and  has four children; Elmer Stuart; Eleanor; Vaughan; and Dorothy.  Several years ago, he  moved to Dover, where he is the proprietor of a large clothing store, and the cashier of  the Peoples Guarantee and Trust Company.

Cora Outten, only daughter of Nicholas,  married William Russell of Lewes, and they have four children: Lynford, Edward,  Gladys, and Reba.  In 1898, they entertained the writer and his wife during a conference  session in Lewes.  At that time they lived in Pilot Town.  Cora Outten Russell died at 4  o’clock on Saturday morning, October 19. 1918.  Her son, Edward, had been sick in  Wilmington, and she went to nurse him, but he died October 12, of influenza, and she  contracted pneumonia.  She was buried in the Lewes Presbyterian Church-yard October  22.  The family now live on Main Street, in Lewes.

Lynford Outten, brother of Elmer, was born September 16, 1873, at Seaford,  Delaware; educated in the Philadelphia public schools; married Mary C. Poynter of  Lewes, June 5, 1901, by the Rev. L. C. Wainwright; she was born at Lewes, July 30,  1880; her parents were George W. and Rebecca West Maull Poynter; she was educated at  Lewes Union School and graduated June 2, 1897.  They lived in Lewes till January,  1903, when they moved to Philadelphia.  In 1910, they moved to Dover, Delaware, where  they now reside.  Lynford is a pharmacist, and is associated with his brother, being  secretary of the Outten Brothers, Inc., of Dover, Delaware, in the clothing business.  They  have no children.

Capt. Nicholas Outten made his home in Lewes for several years.  He was a sea  captain and part owner of the William James, which was the last vessel that his father  ever built.  He was also captain and part owner of the Lena M. Cottingham.  Mike  Coulbourne also owned a share in this vessel.  He was captain of several coastwise  vessels.  He moved his family to Philadelphia three times.  He lost his sight four or five  years before his death, and suffered greatly with his eyes.  He went to the Sailors’ Snug  Harbor on Staten Island, N. Y., where he stayed until a few weeks before his death.  Here  he was associated with Capt. Anandra Outten, who remained with him until his death  which occurred June 16, 1913, and he was buried at Concord.  Nicholas was short and  stout, with full face, and large eyes, and he was a perfect representation of the pure  Outten type.

Written by Rev. John Perry Outten converted to Hypertext by Karen Stephens
This sketch was originally part of a lengthy sketch on Nicholas Outten’s father, James Outten.