Mary J. Outten

Mary J., daughter of James and Mary Lingo  Outten, born March 27, 1843, married William W. Phillips March  2, 1859.  He was a brother to Robert, George, and Kendall, and was born March 2, 1828.   They lived on a farm adjoining the one that belonged to his brother George, who was a  magistrate and was called “Squire” Phillips.  Mary J. and William were the parents of  eight children.  George H. Kiner was born December 5 1863, married Agnes Cannon, and  has one son, Delem K. Phillips.  They live at Easton, Maryland.

William T., born April  20, 1863, married Emma Pennock.  They have no children, and also live in Easton.

James H., born April 25, 1874, is married, and they have nine children.  They live in  Seaford.

Lena Chaplain Phillips married Samuel Jones, and they have three children.   Erwin Jones is in one of the Government offices in Washington, and is a lawyer by  profession.  Lena Jones married Ernest Jackson, a bookkeeper in Wilmington.  Bessie  Jones married Mr. Stokley, and they live in West Philadelphia.  Lena and Samuel live at  901 Jefferson Street, Wilmington.

Lucy Henry Phillips was born May 2, 1862; married  Avery Tuttle, and they live in Easton, Maryland.  The writer visited them during the  Conference Session in Easton in 1903.  She died suddenly and unexpectedly at the  hospital in 1912.  She had been there two days for treatment, and was thought to be  convalescent.

Maggie Carroll Phillips was born October 10, 1872; married William  Calloway of Laurel, and has three or four children.  Mary Edna born October 25, 1895,  married Medford Watson; Lena married Andrew Fleetwood; and Knowles Calloway.

Minnie Phillips – possibly May A. – born April 20, 1877, is an imbecile and now lives  with her sister Maggie in Laurel.

Irvin Francis Phillips was born August 17, 1863.  He  married Susan Cannon, sister to Agnes, wife of his brother George, and they have several  children.  He died January 9,  1910, aged 46 years, 5 months, and two days.

Anna Louisa Phillips was born February 10, 1869; married Thomas H. Calhoun; they had two children,  a son and a daughter.  Anna died when the daughter was about four years old.  She  married Thomas Elyott, and they have three children.  Mr. Calhoun never married again.   He owns the James Outten place, and his daughter lives with him.  In rebuilding the  house, the owner left the mantelpiece and the front door exactly as it was when the place  was owned by James and Mary Outten.

Written by Rev. John Perry Outten converted to Hypertext by Karen Stephens
This sketch was originally part of a lengthy sketch on Mary J. Outten’s father, James Outten.