Martha Outten

Martha was the daughter of James and Mary Lingo  Outten.  The career of Martha Outten, commonly called Mattie, is most interesting on  account of her matrimonial experiences.  Mattie was married four times.  Her first  husband was William MacDonald.  He as a soldier in the Civil War at the time of their  marriage, and immediately after they were married MacDonald returned to his company.   She never saw him again, nor even heard of him any more.  At the time of her first  marriage Mattie was only sixteen years old.  Before her second matrimonial alliance, she  secured a divorce from her first husband, not knowing whether he was living or dead.   Her second husband was Richard Darrah, a Roman Catholic.  He was a druggist, but went  to Concord as a clerk, and was afterwards an engineer on a steamer.  They were the  parents of one child Richard Darrah.  The writer met him at his mother’s funeral.   Mattie’s third husband was named Schure.  He was an old man, and they were married in  Wilmington, where he died.  Her fourth and last matrimonial alliance was with Robert E.  Finley, a shoe manufacturer and dealer, and he held an office at the Camden Court  House.

Mattie died in 1912 at her home, 229 Point St., Camden, N. J., and the writer  preached the funeral services at her late home, from the text of “Of Whom the whole  family in Heaven and earth is named”.  We were accompanied to the funeral by Mrs.  Sadie Outten Foster, Mrs. Mary Outten Boyce, and Mrs. Anna Outten Stidham.  At that  time I was Pastor of Madely Church in South Wilmington.  The bereaved husband,  Robert E. Finley, has since married again.

Written by Rev. John Perry Outten converted to Hypertext by Karen Stephens
This sketch was originally part of a lengthy sketch on Martha Outten’s father, James Outten.