George Maddux Outten

George Maddux Outten, the youngest son of James and Mary Lingo Outten, was born at Concord in 1850. He worked on his father’s farm until he was 14 years old, when he became a cook on a schooner called the “William James,” which was built by his father, and of which his brother, Nicholas, was captain. He was on this vessel three years during the War Between the States. While on this job, he was seized with a desire to become the captain of a steamer, and began the study of navigation. In order to thoroughly prepare himself for this work, he attended the Laurel Classical Institute and Commercial College, of which Prof. S. B. Frost was the principal. He taught at Morgan School two miles and a half from Concord in 1867, when we was only 17 years old. Here he continued to teach for about four years, but during intervals he attended Prof. Frost’s school in Laurel.

In 1869, he began a private school at Concord, his object being to meet expenses, so that he could attend school. Here he taught the following pupils: Rev. Steven M. Morgan, D.D., late of the Wilmington Conference; Dr. Joshua A. Ellegood, the eye specialist of Wilmington; Horace Phillips, and George Calhoun, of the Jackson lumber business of Salisbury; Isaac Morgan; Rev. Frank Morgan; Dr. Robert Ellegood of Delaware; Dr. J. Harry Morgan, now President of Dickinson College at Carlisle, Pa.; Seth Ellegood the banker; Dr. Horace Jones; and many others. After teaching his private school, he again attended school at Laurel, and taught the Morgan and Concord schools.

He then went to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he attended the Normal Business College, which was under the management of Professors D.F. Brown and Lorenza Fairbanks. The next year after graduating he became a teacher of mathematics in the college, and remained there between one and two years. Then he went to Baltimore and secured a position with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co. His first office was at Locust Point, and after seven months he went to Camden Station, where he served the company two years and a half. He had hope of becoming President of the company, but circumstances changed, and returning to Concord, be became associated with his father in the mercantile business, and he was postmaster in Concord. They kept store together for about ten years.

He married Alice Rawlins, daughter of William Rawlins and Susan Ann Osburn, his wife, and granddaughter of Lot Rawlins. They are the parents of nine children;

Ethel Outten Reynolds, born in 1882, a business woman of Townsend, Delaware, an ex-postmaster, the oldest child, married Rolla Reynolds, and they have three children: Irma Reynolds Cochran, deceased; Ethel Alice Reynolds Weigel; and Roland Roberts Reynolds, Jr., an aeronautical engineer. Her grand children are Ethel Ann Cochran, Roland Roberts Reynolds, 3d, and Sherrill Ann Weigel, the youngest grandchild, age one year June 11, 1948.

Bernard Ford Outten, born in 1884, died of diphtheria in 1886;

Calvin, born in 1886, unmarried;

Fourth child was Luta Mae Boehmler Baughman, born in 1887, whose children by her first husband were Margaret Boehmler Phillips of West Chester; Charles Boehmler, who served in the Army Engineers Corps in World War II, and received the Bronze Star for meritorious service in Germany and a medal from the Belgian Government; George Maddox Boehmler of Malvern; and Anna Boehmler Light, a schoolteacher of Colchester, Connecticut. By her second husband, John Baughman, she had one daughter, Jean Baughman Singletery, also of Malvern. The grandchildren of Luta are Charles Phillips and Brenda J. Phillips, and Barbara Anna Boehmler, and Kathryn Boehmler, children of George Boehmler.

Harold Rawlins Outten, born 1891, whose children are as follows: Harold Outten Jr., who is an officer in the U. S. Navy; Elizabeth Outten; John David Outten; Burnice Corine Outten; Estelle Zeta; Paul Outten; Doris Anette, and George Maddox, who is a student at Girard College, Philadelphia.

Mary Reba Outten Wilson, born 1895, married William P. Wilson; they have one child, Alice Jeanette Wilson Burd, who was a member of the Women’s Naval Reserve during World War II and stationed in Philadelphia.

Alice Maddox Outten Shockley of Easton, Maryland, born 1897, married Clyde L. Shockley in August 1916, had one son Clyde Lemuel Shockley, Jr., who served in the U. S. Navy in World War II in the Intelligence Department.

Bernice Corinne, was born in 1899; and

Zeta Patria was born January 6, 1903.

George Maddux Outten resides at Townsend, and he is the only one living of all the children of James and Mary Outten. He is small in stature, but makes every inch of his height count by his erect figure and dignified carriage. He died _________. His wife died February 6, 1923.

Editors note on Luta Mae Boehmler Baughman: two documents one on James Outten, George M. Outten’s father and one on George M. Outten are in conflict. The first states that she had three children by her first husband, Charles Batcheler, Margaret, James and George. The second states that she had four children by her first husband, ? Boehmler, Margaret, Charles, George Maddox, and Anna. Further the second document does not make any mention of Luta’s second marriage.

Written by Rev. John Perry Outten converted to Hypertext by Karen Stephens
This sketch was taken from lengthy sketch on George Maddux Outten’s father, James Outten and a brief sketch on George M. Outten’s family.