John Outten

John Outten was born in Broad Creek Hundred, November 8, 1787, and was a ship carpenter by trade. He married Sarah Baker, daughter of the Reverend Daniel Baker and Magdalen Magee, his first wife. Sarah was born March 21, 1789, and was a half-sister of Obed Outten Baker, the father of Henry White Baker. John and Sarah were married July 17, 1808, and were the parents of six children, as follows: – James, Wilson, Sallie Reed, Daniel Wilson, John R. and Elizabeth. The father of these children died October 16, 1824, aged 36 years, 11 months, and 2 days.

After John Outten died, his widow, Sarah Baker Outten, married Ezekiel Jones, on August 31, 1836, after being a widow nearly twelve years, and died May 1, 1842. Her father, Rev. Daniel Baker, also had a daughter Margaret, who married Isaac M. Adams, father of Joseph Thomas Adams, and grandfather of William D. Adams of Georgetown, who married Lavinia Thompson daughter of John Laws Thompson, Justice of the Peace at Georgetown, Delaware.

The second wife of Rev. Daniel Baker was Esther, called Hester, Outten, daughter of Obed and Sallie Outten. They were married July 9, 1800, and she died May 6, 1824. They were the parents of Obed Outten Baker, born March 7, 1807, who married Mary Ann Rawlins, daughter of Lot Rawlins of Middleford, and died in 1842. Henry White Baker , born December 29, 1837, cashier, of the First National Bank, Seaford, who married Sarah E. Cottingham, sister of Tom Cottingham of the same place, was the offspring of this union. He was the father of three children: Harry, Nettie, and Josephine. His eldest daughter, Nettie Baker married James Crawford, a well known business man of Mt. Vernon N. Y. They have three children: Coulter, Henry W., and Crawford. Josephine married William H. Miller of Seaford, and they have two children.

Mary Ann Rawlins, wife of Obed Outten Baker, was the daughter of Lot Rawlins by his first wife, and was his eldest child. Her eldest brother, William Rawlins, married Susan Ann Osborne, daughter of Joseph Osborne, and they were the parents of Alice Rawlins, the wife of George Maddox Outten. Her older brothers were John, James, and Charles Rawlins. The second wife of Lot Rawlins was Ann Brown, who died February 16, 1847, aged 51 years, 3 months and 15 days. She was the mother of Thomas, and the Rev. Henry Rawlins of the Wilmington Conference, who was licensed to exhort the day he was nineteen years of age. He began to preach at thirty-two, and preached four years under the elder. The Philadelphia Conference refused to receive him because he was married. He joined the Wilmington Annual Conference in 1869, the year of its organization, and served the following appointments: Berlin, Annamessex, Snow Hill, Smyrna Circuit, Scott, Georgetown, East New Market, Camden, and Harrington. He married Rhoda Wright, and they were the parents of three children, one of whom died in childbirth. Thomas N. married Berta Wright of East New Market, Md., and they are the parents of two children: Sarah, and Phillip Henry Rawlins. And William Rawlins, who has three daughters: Rev. Philip Henry Rawlins died Saturday, December 10, 1921, at the home of his son, Thomas N. Rawlins, Seaford, Delaware. Funeral services were held at St. Johns M. E. Church on Monday, December 12, at 1:30 o’clock; interment in Bridgeville Cemetery. The third wife of Lot Rawlins was Mrs. Mary James, but they had no children.

After the death of Obed Outten Baker on September 10, 1842, Mary Ann, his widow, married Martin Morgan. She was his second wife. The children by his first wife were Samuel, Robert, William Thomas, Martha, and Hester. The children by his second wife were James, Robert, Eunice, who married Dr. George Welch of Milton, now living in New Jersey; John, who went to Texas to visit his brother Bob, married there, and died, leaving one daughter; and the late Rev. Steven Martindale Morgan of the Wilmington Conference. He was born near Concord, in 1854. He graduated at Dickinson College, and joined the Conference in 1887, serving the following appointments: Townsend, Hillsboro, Mt. Salem, Snow Hill, Milford, Presiding Elder of Dover District, and his last charge was Mt. Salem. He retired in 1914. Dr. Morgan married Miss Minnie Spear, daughter of a wealthy oil and lumber merchant of Chambersburg, Pa. Her brother is a director of the Standard Oil Company. Dr. Morgan died of pneumonia at the Delaware Hospital in Wilmington, January 7, 1917, at the age of 63. Funeral services were held at Mt. Salem Church, January 9, and the next day he was buried at Chambersburg, Pa. The father of Prof. J. Harry Morgan, President of Dickinson College, was Samuel, a brother of Martin Morgan.

Necie Morgan, the mother of Martin Morgan, was left a widow, and she raised her children. Her son, Warren, had three children by his first wife: Mitchell, Henry, and Eunice. His second wife was Elizabeth Messick, sister to Elizabeth Jane Messick, who married the Rev. Jeremiah Pastorfield, the pastor of Bridgeville Charge, in 1858. She, also, was a sister to Miles Messick. They were the children of Samuel Messick, who was born in Broad Creek Hundred, October 28, 1791, and died April 16, 1841.

Rev. Daniel Baker also had a son by his first wife, own brother to Sarah, the wife of John Outten, Isaac Baker, who died February 26, 1823, in the 36th year of his age. By his second wife, Esther Outten Baker, he had two sons: Obed Outten Baker, and Daniel A. Baker, the latter dying August 7, 1827, in his 23rd year; also three daughters: Polly Dun, born March 4, 1809; Margaret, who married Isaac M. Adams; and Hester, who never married. The Rev. Daniel Baker, was licensed to preach by Bishop Asbury. The papers are now in the possession of Henry White Baker, splendidly written, and perfectly legible, bearing the date of 1804. The writer has seen this license.

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This sketch was originally part of a lengthy sketch on John and Sarah Baker Outten’s son, James Outten.