Isaac Outten

The subject of this sketch was the son of Abraham Outten, the grandson of John Outten Sr., and the great grandson of John Outten, the Pioneer. He was born September 13, 1748, and was nearly twenty-one years old when his father died, July 31, 1769. As his father left no will, he was appointed by the Court to serve as administrator of his fathers estate, and he inherited all the real estate except 160 acres.

On January 11, 1770, he was married to Sarah Waggaman, and they were the parents of six children, five boys and one girl. Their eldest child was named Abraham, and he was born June 20, 1771. Their second child was Nancy, and she was born August 1, 1771. Their third child was Isaac Jr., and he was born August 30, 1776. Their fourth child was Jacob, and he was born March 6, 1779. Their fifth child was Eprhriam, and he was born October 8, 1781, and their youngest child was Walter, born August 4, 1786.

Real Estate was owned by Isaac Outten and the deeds were recorded in full at Princess Ann, Maryland. It appears from the records which have been copied from the original manuscripts, that Isaac Outten had real estate to sell, but he did not buy any. And the implication is that he inherited all that he had from his father. But he was the administrator, and he probably took the full benefit of the law of Primogeniture, which permitted the eldest son to claim half the property.

The last deed he gave states clearly that it included all the land he held in Maryland. And his last business transaction was on September 9, 1803, when he bargained, sold and manumitted his last negro slave. His business career had extended from 1769 to 1803, over a period of 34 years, and he was then 54 years old. He began life with considerable wealth for that day, but if he possessed anything of a tangible nature after 1803, there is no mention made of it in any of the records. He did not leave any will, and no inventory has been found either in Delaware or on the Eastern Shore.

So it has been a question as to what became of Isaac Outten. The only son of Isaac and Sarah who remained in Delaware was their eldest son, Abraham, who married Sallie and Hessy (see sketch). Isaac Jr. married Margaret Hall Colona, December 22, 1802, and they brought up their family at Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky (see sketch). Ephraim married Sukey Leatherbery, December 8, 1803. She was the stepdaughter of John Purnell Outten, and they also lived in Maysville, Ky (see sketch). Jacob (see sketch). And Walter either went to Maysville with his older brothers, or he died young, as no trace of him can be found; and Nancy, the only daughter, married and went to live in Ohio. She married Elijah Conner, march 24, 1796.

The writer does not know where Isaac Outten lived after 1803, but he and Sarah probably went with their boys to Maysville, Ky or with their daughter Nancy to Ohio, and it is not known where Isaac Outten died, but Sarah, his wife died June 6, 1820.

Written by Rev. John Perry Outten converted to Hypertext by Karen Stephens