John Perry Outten Collection

The Outten Family is fortunate to have had a member of its family take an interest in Genealogy many years ago. Rev. John Perry Outten (1869-1954) produced a large body of work on Outten Genealogy. I have been able to obtain copies of a substantial amount of his work but have not been able to locate several important sections. A special thanks goes to Col. John Crane for ten additional sketches and well as some of Rev. Outten’s working papers. And, thanks to Stephen Outten who provided transcripts to six of the background documents as well as three new profiles and missing information on two more. If you have access to any additional documents written by Rev. Outten not posted here, please contact me and I will include them.

Because these documents were not originally designed for hypertext and because many contain handwritten notes in the margins, I have been forced to do some editing. I have however attempted to keep editing to a minimum so that each reader has the opportunity interpret for him or herself Rev. Outten’s true meaning. If a document contains a statement that I believe to be incorrect, I have attempted to link to a discussion of the issue. I will not change the original text but if you feel any information is in error, contact me and I will attempt to make the correct information available to readers of this page.