Rachel Outten

Rachel was the youngest child of Obed Outten, born of Sarah his wife, about the year 1785. She was about eight years old when her father died intestate, and with her sister Esther and brother Abraham, she made application to the State of Delaware for their right to Partnership, and they paid to the State Treasurer $30.95, caution money. This was done on November 2, 1797, when she was twelve years old. She was married to Seth Lingo, and they were the parents of two children: William and Mary Lingo.

William Lingo, son of Seth and Rachel, his wife, married Nancy Clifton, and they were the parents of five children. The eldest was Eli, who was born about 1860, and was a well-known character of a section in Broad Creek Hundred commonly called Goshen. He was always associated with his brother Frank in farming and fishing, and he lived to be an old man, but the writer knows nothing more of him.

Frank Lingo married Laura Outten, daughter of Perry, and they were the parents of five sons: Seth, Perry, Thomas, Frank, and George. Mary Ann Lingo married Josephus (Jo seff) Neal, Lillie Lingo married James A. Wilson, and they were the parents of several children. Eunice Lingo married Ezekiel Lloyd, son of Mary Outten who was the daughter of John Obed Outten Sr.

The only daughter of Seth Lingo and Rachel Outten, his wife, was named Mary. She married Jesse Clifton, and they were the parents of five children: William Clifton was a soldier in the Civil War, but returned home and died. George Em Clifton married Bill Outten, son of Sallie Outten, who afterwards married Eben Scott. Rachel Clifton married Jin Rayn; Luther Clifton married Anna Morgan; and Jesse Clifton Jr. married, but the writer knows nothing more of him.

These are all the facts that the writer has in his possession concerning the family of Seth Lingo and Rachel Outten, his wife. Where they lived and where they died, and where buried, are all unknown to him. Peace be to their dust.

Written by Rev. John Perry Outten converted to Hypertext by Karen Stephens
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