Illinois Outtens


Most of the Outtens that I have encountered can be traced back to John Outten of Maryland. I have grouped those that cannot be traced back to John Outten by state of residency. This page represents the Illinois Outtens. Research on the ancestors of these individuals is on-going and I am hoping that those who have additional information will contact me.



Name: James Outten
Born: ABT 1804
Married: 04 OCT 1849
Spouses: Belinda Fowler

Name: E. N. Outten
Born: ABT 1820
Spouses: Martha

Name: John Outten
Born: OCT 1843
Died: BEF 1910
Spouses: Laura Hayes

Name: Michael Outten
Born: NOV 1870
Married: ABT 1899
Spouses: Pearl

Name: Patricia A Outten
Born: 02 DEC 1934
Died: 19 MAY 1998
The Outten Database was last updated June 2013. It contains information on approximately 4,000 individuals in the Outten family. Not all of the information has been definitively proven. Some of the information represents current hypothesis. Before you rely on the information contained on this site please contact me, Karen Stephens and I will gladly explain my reasoning and the source of the information. Out of respect for the privacy of others, information posted on this web site is generally restricted to individuals who were born before 1910 or who are known to have passed away.

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